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Briefly Meeting the Locals

Story by Peter Fabricius October 8th, 2015

Prior to my trip to Yangon, I decided to dedicate 84 minutes of my schedule to watch They Call It Myanmar, a documentary produced by Robert H. Lieberman. I had my perceptions about Myanmar, many of which turned out to be fairly accurate.

I knew that I was fortunate to have a Burmese visa in my passport. I also knew that the first ATM was installed in 2012. I read somewhere that chewing betel nuts is a national pastime.

What the documentary introduced me to, was the incredible heart of Myanmar’s people. This trip didn’t take me far out of the country’s capital, but it allowed a chance to wander Yangon’s streets with my camera on a hot afternoon, to meet the locals.

Footnote: Date travelled: May 2015
Yangon, Yangon Region, Myanmar (Burma)